Choosing the right fake tan

Have you picked up your tanning habits from friends or family, but have never really known what the best tanning formula for you is? Perhaps you’re new to tanning and want to make sure you get it right on the first go.

Follow our handy guide to fake tanning formulas and meet your Tuscan Tan match.

Tuscan Tan self tan - before and after  Tuscan Tan self tan - before and after

Gradual Self Tan

What it's best for: Those who are after a light, natural looking tan, first-time-tanners, or those who want to top up a real tan or spray tan.

How to apply it: Gradual self tanners are available as both a milk (lotion) anda mousse, and they both contain lower levels of active tanning ingredients than traditional fake tans to ensure a slower and even tan application as well as removing any risk for mistakes!  The Gradual Tanning Mousse has a light tint to it, so this is better for first-timers who want to see where they have and haven’t already applied the formula. For those who have quite a dry skin, opt the Gradual Self Tan Milk will nourish and feed your skin while delivering a sun-kissed glow. 

Instant Tan

What it's best for: When something comes up at the last minute and you don’t have time to apply a fake tan and wait for it to develop, but you need an instant burst of colour. Check out the pic above featuring the Wash Off Bronzing Mousse (Top Left) showing just how effective an instant tanner can be!

How to apply it: Instant tans don’t contain the active ingredient that overnight fake tans use, so an instant tan can be applied before you leave the house then simply washed off in the next shower. Ours  is also transfer resistant so it won’t wipe off onto your clothes.

Dark Tanning Gels & Mousses

What it's best for: Dark tanning gels and mousses are perfect for giving your skin a rich, deep tan overnight. Traditional self tanning formulas develop over the course of a few hours and use active tanning ingredients to darken the tone of your skin. The pic above featuring the Full Self Tan Gel (bottom right) shows the natural skin tone of one leg, and the other leg after the gel has developed.

Is a gel or mousse best for you? Both our Full Self Tan Mousse and Full Self Tan Gel will deliver salon quality results - a deep dark tan, no risk of orange and absolutely no patchiness. The Gel has the added bonus of being extremely moisturising so it ticks all the boxes. For this reason, these two gems are our top selling self tanners. You can find them in salons Australia wide or online for door to door delivery.

Professional In Salon Spray Tan

What They’re Best For: A flawless tan - particularly for bronzing those hard to reach places.

How To Apply Them: Salon spray tanning is left for the professionals, and they’re perfect for tanners of all skill levels- we think they’re especially good for those who are new to tanning as you know you won’t be left with any streaks or patches! And sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself and let the pros take good care of you! 
Find one of our Tuscan Tan professionals on our Salon Locator.

Facial Tanner

What It’s Best For: As its name would suggest- the face! Super popular with the fellas and those who like to wear minimal makeup or have a bronzed based for their daily makeup.

How To Apply It: The skin on our face is far more delicate than the skin on our body, so it’s important to look after its individual needs. Our facial tanning serum is specifically formulated for your face, and can be applied as you would apply your regular daily moisturiser. Producing the famous Tuscan Tan colour, this little gem is summer in a bottle.  And let's face it, we all feel a little healthier with a glowing complexion.


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