MultiBase colour technology is changing the spray tan Industry

MultiBase colour technology is changing the spray tan Industry

How MultiBase colour technology is changing the professional tanning industry...

Complementing all skin tones, MultiBase® colour technology combines all spray tan colour bases of violet, green, red and blue in one multi tasking solution. This exclusive colour blend by works by counterbalancing all undertones of the skin.

Producing a deep brown colour on application and developing out to produce a tan unique to each individual, MultiBase® achieves true-to-you tanning like never before. This multi tasking spray tan solution has the ability to develop out to any depth of colour from lightly sun kissed to ultra dark, with the benefit of express or overnight development.

  Tuscan Tan MultiBase Spray Tan Solution  Tuscan Tan MultiBase Spray Tan Solution

How MultiBase will help salons and therapists:

Our team have all spent years in salons, spray tanning tens of thousands of clients. We know all too well the time spent on selecting the right spray tan for your client. We ask the same questions with each spray tan: What skin tone is the client? How dark does she/he want to be? How long do they want to leave the tan on for?

MultiBase means determining skin tone is a thing of the past. We have successfully combined all spray tan colour bases into one multitasking solution. Whether your client is fair or olive toned, has pink or green undertones, it doesn't matter any more - MultiBase will adapt to their skin, leaving them with the perfect tan every time.

MultiBase simplifies spray tanning for salons and clients even further by adding variable development into the mix... 

After a light tan? Want a super dark tan? Short on time? MultiBase Spray Tan Solution offers it all. 

From a light sun kissed glow right up to ultra dark, you can achieve your perfect shade using MultiBase Solution. Simply leave it on as long as needed for the desired colour depth. Rinse times start from as little as one hour for a light tan. For a medium shade two hours is enough. For those who like a dark tan, leave on for three hours before rinsing. If they're a little tan obsessed and love an ultra dark colour, they can sleep in it!

MultiBase makes a One-Solution-Fits-All approach WORK!

Over the years, clients have learnt what their skin undertone is and therefore tend to know what 'colour base' spray tan solution they prefer. Some like violet based, which is the most versatile of the singular colour bases. Others like green based, and then there are some who lean towards bases like red and blue. Each colour base counteracts different undertones of the skin, to assist in achieving the perfect shade of bronze for different skin tones.

MultiBase has been carefully developed to incorporate all colour bases to cater for everyone in one solution, giving salons back the control and confidence to accurately spray tan clients without worrying about colour selection. Variable development takes the spray tan experience next level.

MultiBase = perfection personified!

This long awaited innovation to the professional spray tan industry removes the need for salons having to stock multiple bottles of solutions to cater for different skin tones or time restraints. This keeps costs down and inventory under control. It’s a ‘one size fits all’ approach to spray tanning that WORKS!. 

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