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Gradual Self Tan Milk

Customise your tan to your perfect shade with Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk.

If you're pale, some self tanners will make you look too dark, too fast. A pale complexion requires a self tanner with less active tanning ingredients to allow the gentle and gradual development of a natural looking tan. Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk contains less active tanning ingredients, and is designed to be applied over consecutive days gradually building your tan to your desired shade. One application will enhance your natural skin colour with a light sun-kissed glow, while repeat applications will intensify the colour. Once you have achieved your desired depth of colour, you can maintain your tan by simply re-applying the gradual self tan milk once or twice a week thereafter.

Tuscan Tan's Gradual Self Tan Milk is non-tinted, fast absorbing and super easy to apply. Use it as you would your normal daily moisturiser, and enjoy the benefits of a natural looking, long lasting tan. The nourishing milk formulation contains a blend of skin calming botanicals to help lock in moisture and keep your skin soft for hours, while the barely there fragrance of warm vanilla eliminates any tell tale fake tan odour to ensure your skin stays shower fresh all day.

With application so easy and effective, and a tan so natural long lasting, Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk is the most convenient way to tan at home as part of a regular beauty regime. Apply before bed, or after your morning shower, whatever works for you!

TIP: Gradual self tanners can also be used to re-energise a professional spray on tan once it begins to fade.

Formula Features:
Gradual tanning effect.
Natural plant based ingredients.
Nourishing milk formulation.
Low level active tanning ingredients.
Skin calming botanicals.
Non-tinted formula.
Fast absorbing.
Subtle fragrance.

Size: 200ml

Price: $39.00