Beauty salon owners and Tuscan Tan fans alike, will find many common questions answered below. From becoming a professional spray tan stockist to spray tanning while pregnant, you should find everything you need to know.

For any questions we haven't covered, please feel free to send an email to onlinestore@tuscantan.com.au or phone our head office on 1300 136 937 and our team will be happy to help!

Where is Tuscan Tan made?

Tuscan Tan is 100% Australian made and owned. All products are manufactured locally in Melbourne. 

Is Tuscan Tan natural?

Yes. Tuscan Tan active ingredients are all naturally derived.

Is there any sun protection in Tuscan Tan products?

Tuscan Tan spray tan solutions and self tan products don’t carry any sun protection. We recommend applying your usual sun protection over your spray tan or self tan to protect your skin if you're spending time outdoors. 

Is Tuscan Tan tested on animals?

No. Tuscan Tan is firmly against animal testing. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality, under strict standards.

Is Tuscan Tan vegan friendly?

Yes, all Tuscan Tan products are vegan friendly.

What colour base is Tuscan Tan?

Tuscan Tan has three professional spray tan solutions all made with naturally derived ingredients, all solutions will ensure adaptability to any skin tone, from extremely fair, through to olive.

⁠The Original Solution mimics naturally tanned skin tones with unparalleled accuracy as it contains Violet-Tone Complex. VTC consists of six colourants formulated to counteract any yellow / orange undertones in the developed tan Development time – 8 hours⁠.⁠

⁠Rapid-Amino 90 Spray Tan Solution has the same Violet Tone Complex base as the Original formula but with the addition of Rapid-Amino Complex; a composition of five development enhancers selected at levels to allow optimal and rapid colour development of the active tanning ingredients after just 90 minutes. ⁠

MultiBase Spray Tan Solution⁠ complements all skin tones, MultiBase colour technology combines all spray tan colour bases including violet, green, red and blue in one multi tasking solution. This exclusive colour blend by works by counterbalancing ALL undertones of the skin for true to you tanning like never before.

Where can I go to have a Tuscan Tan spray tan?

Tuscan Tan is available in salons and clinics nationwide. For your convenience, we have a Salon Locator on our website, which will guide you to your nearest stockist.

Where can I buy the Self Tanning and tan extending products?

Most official Tuscan Tan stockists have the self tanning range available in salon. Our Salon Locator  allows you to search salons who stock our retail range. Alternatively, they are available in the Tuscan Tan online store.

I own a beauty salon / spray tanning business. How do I become a stockist?

There are a few ways you can become a Tuscan Tan stockist:

1. Register and place orders online: All you need is your active ABN and business details. Once you fill those into our registration form, you will have access to our online Wholesale Store and Salon Support area. Find our registration form here

2. Send us an email at onlinestore@tuscantan.com.au with your business details and our team will be in touch and send you a Stockist Brochure.

3. Phone our team at Head Office and we can assist you by emailing you a brochure, setting up your details and helping you place your first order. Ph: 1300 136 937

My salon offers spray tanning with other equipment. Can I still use Tuscan Tan professional spray tan solutions?

Yes you can. Our Original and MultiBase solutions will spray through compression and HVLP systems. The Rapid Amino 90 solution works best when sprayed through a compression system, if you are using a HVLP system it is not as suitable as the MultiBase or the Original due to its velocity. 

We recommend that sprays tans be performed in front of an extraction system to remove airborne vapour. Read our blog on the importance of spray tan extraction in salons.

Is spray tanning safe during pregnancy?

Spray tan treatments are perfectly safe for pregnant women when the Tuscan Tan extraction system is in place. Inhalation of spray tan is not recommended so it is important to ensure all airborne vapour is removed via extraction.

Using self-tanning products and spray tans while pregnant is a personal choice and we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before use, if you have any concerns.