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MultiBase self tan foam covers all bases

What is MultiBase Self Tan Foam?

It's the first of a new generation of self tanners that uses MultiBase® colour technology to deliver true-to-you tanning like never before.

Complementing ALL skin tones, MultiBase® colour technology combines all tanning colour bases including violet, green, red and blue in one multi-tasking formulation. This exclusive colour blend by works by counterbalancing all undertones of the skin, so whether you're fair or olive toned, have pink or green undertones, it doesn't matter - MultiBase will adapt to your skin tone.

  Tuscan Tan Multibase Self Tan Foam  Tuscan Tan Self Tan Mousse

MultiBase colour technology takes the guesswork out of choosing a tan that's right for you.

Providing instant colour on application, and developing out to produce a tan unique to each individual, MultiBase® delivers the natural looking colour everyone looks for in a fake tan. It also offers express development, so your tan will begin to develop in as little as 1 hour, and will swiftly intensify the longer you leave it.

Why we love it...

There’s a myriad of reasons why we love this Self Tan Foam; Instant colour, fast drying, matt finish, variable development, sophisticated scent, long lasting wear, even fade off.

The feather-light formula is so easy to apply; just pump a little foam on to your tan application mitt and sweep over your skin for instant streak free colour. The tan will begin to develop within the hour, and will quickly build in intensity to deliver a medium shade in two hours, and a dark tan in three. Alternatively, if you like your tan super dark, simply leave the formula on overnight.

This no-fuss dark tanning foam also takes care of your skin. Enriched with the purifying extracts of Green Tea and Aloe Vera, this light weight foam moisturises and helps protect the skin from harsh environmental stresses. 

What our customers say so far...

"I've tried a lot of fake tan...I absolutely love this mousse. I've tried a lot of fake tans as part of my job as a beauty editor, and this stands out to me as one of the best. It gives such a beautiful, natural-looking glow to the skin, it doesn't even look like fake tan because it's SO even. You can't stuff it up. I usually have trouble with patchy feet but not with Tuscan Tan - AND it fades really evenly too with zero patchiness. I really like the new technology which allows you to customise the depth of your tan by leaving it on for longer. Overall, I cannot fault this product, it's one of my new faves and it's cheaper than my usual go-to tan as well!" - Joanna.

"The colour is amazing for pale skin also, natural colour while still being dark."  - Chloe M.

"Brilliant tan best I’ve used for pale skin and I’ve used many lovely colour looks beautiful and so easy to use 5*****" - Marianne T.

"The colour is always perfect and golden and looks soooo real. 10 Stars all the way people - use an application mitt for perfect results." - Nicole.

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Adore Beauty reviews Tuscan Tan MultiBase Self Tan Foam
Adore Beauty reviews Tuscan Tan MultiBase Self Tan Foam

"This new fake tan is the best I’ve ever tried... and I’ve tried them all.

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