Why you need to use this tan toner

Have you heard of a Tan Toner?  If not, read on to find out why this violet toned prep + maintain multi tasker will help you get the most out of your spray tan or self applied tan.

We all know that any blonde should have a decent colour toning shampoo in her shower, right? Keeping brassy tones under control to maintain that perfect 'pearl or ashy' appearance to blonde hair is a fine art, and can't be done without an effective violet toned shampoo. It's all about maintaining tonal balance before your next hair appointment.

Skin and hair are part of the same family. They should be treated equally. It's no secret that spray tans and self applied tans can lose their quality if not maintained correctly. They can change colour, fade unevenly, and appear 'cracked' and patchy. This is caused by low quality tanning formulas, or the wrong maintenance.

To maintain the quality of your spray tan or self applied tan for the whole time you're wearing it, there are two main rules you need to follow; 'quality of the tanning product' and 'balanced maintenance'.

 Tuscan Tan Toner pH Balances Skin Wash  Tuscan Tan Toner pH Balances Skin Wash

Quality of the tanning product...

Start by choosing a spray tan expert who stocks a quality tanning product like, say...Tuscan Tan! It goes without saying, we highly recommend our three incredible spray tan solutions and various self tanning products. So much time and care has gone into the development of this range. They've been tried and tested over and over to perform beyond perfection.

To find a Tuscan Tan spray tan expert or stockist near you, head to our salon locator to find a salon in your area.

Balance + Maintain 

Your skin's changing pH levels can affect the colour of your tan, how long it lasts, and how evenly it fades. Use Tan Toner Skin Wash when prepping for your tan (after exfoliating) to restore your skin’s natural pH levels to around 5.5 which is slightly acidic and perfect for fake tan development.

After your tan has developed, use it when showering to maintain pH levels and the integrity of your tan. Tan Toner's luxurious low foaming formula contains a blend of ingredients renowned for their gentle cleansing action and hydrating ability to help recondition skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and purified without stripping the tan.

*Many body wash products can strip your skin of it's natural oils. When it comes to cleansing after a spray tan or self tan, it's important that your skin is never left feeling 'tight' after showering. 'tight' actually means you've stripped your skin of it's oils (natural moisture) which will cause your tan to crack and fade prematurely.

Did we mention that the scent of this violet hued wash is refreshingly sophisticated?

Aside from the obvious benefits of using the Tan Toner pre tan and post tan, another thing you will love about this pretty hued wash is it's refreshingly sophisticated scent. It's a gourmand yet elegant composition that's sure to turn your shower into an experience. Iris is the key ingredient surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. The composition's opening provides fruit flavours of black currant and pear, while the base is warm, gourmand and powdery due to almond like accords of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.

Shop Tuscan Tan's pH Balanced Tan Toner today and enjoy the benefits!

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