Should I Use Spray Tan Extraction In My Salon?

Is spray tan extraction important?

In short, absolutely!  There's some important things to cover, so bear with me and read on. Providing a powerful spray tan extraction booth in your salon is vital to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This is important for both your client as well as your spray tan technician.

To understand why spray tan extractors are so important, it's helpful to understand some background into spray tanning. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient in fake tan products. DHA is naturally derived from sugars or fruits. It is safe for use in topically / externally applied tanning products, including spray tans and self tans.

During a spray tan on tan application there is overspray produced that remains in the air. It is most common and evident when spray tans are performed in spaces like spray tan tents or showers. This overspray, sometimes referred to as ‘mist’ requires ventilation. As DHA is only approved for external application, it is important to take precautions to reduce inhalation of the spray mist.

The important issue to discuss is spray tans being applied in a confined space such as a small room, booth or tent. None of these provide over spray or airborne vapour extraction.

Tuscan Tan have always been of the firm view that spray tan application should include the use of spray tan extraction to prevent inhalation. Simply because we should not be breathing in anything other than air.

Tuscan Tan Over Spray Extraction Screen

What should you be looking for?

There are many spray tan extraction booths available on the market. All will be described as being designed to remove spray tan mist from your spray tan room. They may all do as they claim, but to varying degrees. So, do your research. Ask your supplier to provide you with specifications of the spray tan extraction you're looking at.

Fans: How many are there? How powerful are they? Ask your supplier to provide you with the volume of air that the fans draw out of the space (for example: 2500 Cubic Feet per minute). This will help you compare systems and understand the difference in pricing. The stronger and more effective spray tan extraction screens will set you back a little more.

Filters: Do the filters require changing? Are they disposable or washable? Generally speaking, washable filters are designed to catch larger particles. Disposable filters will catch very small particles. You want to be filtering small particles to avoid breathing in any mist, so always opt for disposable. They will require a small investment every couple of months, but it's well worth it.

You should look for powerful fans and filters that will be changed reasonably regularly to ensure an ongoing clean and safe environment.

Tuscan Tan Spray Tan Extraction Screen

The Tuscan Tan extraction screen within our Pressurised Spray Tan Equipment package comprises powerful fans designed to eliminate overspray and prevent the inhalation of airborne vapour.

The over-spray extraction screen eliminates mist and airborne vapours to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Not to mention, it also reduces clean up time from hours to minutes. Forget spray tan all over the floor and your clients feet! A powerful spray tan extraction booth will remove mist before it reaches the floor or their feet.

With 3 powerful extraction fans drawing a total combined air volume of 8256 Cubic feet per minute, the Tuscan Tan Overspray Extraction Screen is the strongest and most effective spray tan extraction system on the market by far. Lastly, it uses disposable filters that should be changed approximately every 60 full body spray tans, to keep your extraction operating at optimum level.

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