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HydraBase Face - The humidity responsive facial moisturiser

Introducing HydraBase Face; an ultra light, non-tinted facial moisturiser featuring DuraQuench IQ - a humidity responsive moisturising complex.

DuraQuench IQ delivers the most effective and synergistic moisturising effect by forming an intelligent structural bilayer on the surface of the skin to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, boosting skin moisturisation inside and out for a visibly hydrated complexion. DuraQuench IQ also adapts to the surrounding environment optimising skin hydration by regulating water loss from the skin at different temperatures and humidities to maintain beautifully hydrated skin no matter what the weather conditions are.

Tuscan Tan HydraBase Face Moisturiser  Tuscan Tan HydraBase Face Moisturiser

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With a silky, primer like texture and barely there scent, HydraBase Face is your go to facial moisturiser for everyday wear. The wonderfully light formula absorbs instantly leaving a velvety soft touch finish – perfect for under makeup, yet moisturises intensely for visibly hydrated skin beyond 24 hours – perfect to wear while you sleep. 

Add Tanning Drops to warm up your complexion...

While the cooler months mean we can disguise our winter skin under layers of clothing, our faces are still on display. While hydration is always key to a healthy looking complexion, add warmth by blending 1-3 Tuscan Tan Tanning Drops into your daily application of HydraBase Face for a boost of sun-kissed colour. Tanning Drops are a clear, non scented self tan concentrate specially formulated to pair seamlessly with HydraBase Face and Body moisturisers for customised tanning and moisturising in one. 

One of the best things about Tanning Drops is that you can add them one drop at a time for customised colour with a gradual tanning effect. If you’re cautious about using tanning products on your face, you can start by blending just one Tanning Drop into your daily application of HydraBase Face to give your skin a really subtle hint of colour. Conversely, add two or three drops in one go for a warmer shade.

HydraBase Face + Tanning Drops are the ultimate hydration and tanning balance...

We love a sun-kissed complexion year round, but for many of us, cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and makeup application strip any colour from our faces in next to no time. HydraBase Face + Tanning Drops is the answer to maintaining your glow! They're both gentle enough to use day by day to hydrate your complexion, and drop by drop to maintain your colour without clogging up your pores or irritating sensitive skin.

For a visibly hydrated complexion shop HydraBase Face today.

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Tuscan Tan HydraBase Body is an ultra light, non-tinted body moisturiser featuring Duraquench IQ - a humidity responsive moisturising complex.

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