Interview: One Day Bridal

If there’s one accessory a bride can’t go without, it’s a glowing, sun kissed complexion.

There’s no better complement to a white dress than honey dipped skin, and nobody knows that better than the team at One Day Bridal. Tuscan Tan’s own tanning expert Ebonie Kingston sat down with One Day Bridal team to dish out her advice on all things tanning and how to look (and feel!) your best on your wedding day, whichever month you may choose to tie the knot.


One Day Bridal Gown - Nala  One Day Bridal - models sprayed with Tuscan Tan
Tell us a little about Tuscan Tan?

Tuscan Tan is an Australian spray tanning and self - tan company established in 2003. The Tuscan Tan name is European inspired. The owners fell in love with Italy; chasing the ever-beautiful European summer and the tan we take home after we visit…

"Our goal was to develop an authentic looking spray on tan that would mimic naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy. We were very particular about the colour we wanted, being that of an olive toned European looking skin. It was worth our efforts as we achieved our goal. We called it Tuscan Tan as a salute to the European looking tan that we created."
- Samantha & Michael Fitzpatrick.

Tuscan Tan’s longevity and expertise in the tanning industry has placed us as a benchmark in the industry. We are the ‘go-to’ tan for savvy brides, celebrities, models and anyone who knows that fake tanning is about natural, real looking colour. The colour of our Original Spray Tan solution has been so popular over the years; the formulation has never changed.

What's important to consider when tanning for your big day or special event?

ALWAYS. HAVE. A .TRIAL! Visit your professional spray tanner weeks before your special day and discuss your style, your skin tone, your dress and the overall look you desire. Are you after a subtle glow, or the tan of a bronzed goddess? Having a trial will guarantee your spray tanner will give you the perfect shade of tan for your big day. Happy bride!

Spray tan or self tan; what is the difference and which is best?

Do we have to choose?! Spray Tans will always give you a super polished finish. So for special events and weddings, I’d choose a spray tan – leave it to the professionals. For tanning top ups or in between spray tans, a self -tanner does the trick. Especially in winter when we are feeling dry and pale - a creamy self - tanning product will solve both issues at once!

What is Tuscan Tan's hot tanning tip?

For spray tanning – without a doubt - visit a professional salon. Spray tans performed by a professional with the correct airbrush equipment will ensure the beautiful bride has a tan that looks flawless in person and gives a polished finish in her photographs. A trained professional will also recommend products to take home that will keep her tan on all the way through her honeymoon!

What's your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

I can’t choose one… I have 3!

  1. Full Self Tan Gel because it keeps me super dark in summer or medium in winter when I need less colour. It’s super moisturising, so the days I tan, I don’t need to moisturise. Easy.
  2. Wash Off Bronzing Mousse – I use this product the most. Because I am a ‘last minute’ type of person and this is an instant tanner. Shower, dry off, TAN, makeup, dress and I’m out of the house. I get comments on my tan every time I wear it. Win.
  3. Facial Tanning Serum – So I have sun kissed skin whenever I like. If I wear it mid week, I wear less makeup to work. If I wear it on the weekend, I comfortably wear NO makeup during the day.

I am someone who doesn't usually wear fake tan, but with the winter chill creeping in, what product do you suggest I give a try this winter?

This year’s winter essentials are the Gradual Self Tan Milk and Facial Tanning Serum.
The Gradual Self Tan Milk is a moisturising lotion with a hint of tanning ingredients. You’ll nourish your skin while developing a light/medium tan. To intensify the colour, you simply apply again the next day. A little goes a long way with this product.
The Facial Tanning Serum will give you the glowing complexion you’re looking for through winter. It’s light in texture and is simple to apply. The colour is buildable, so fear not – you won’t over develop.
Hint: I apply it at night before bed and wake up tanned. Voilà!

For more information about the ever fabulous One Day Bridal visit their website:


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