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Aura Health & Beauty - Belmont

Meet Alysia Calder owner of Aura Health & Beauty, and proud Tuscan Tan stockist!

Alysia established her gorgeous Geelong salon in 2014 to combine combine holistic health remedies with beauty services, so we caught up with her recently to find out more about her thriving business...

Tuscan Tan Stockist - Aura Health and Beauty  Tuscan Tan Stockist - Aura Health and Beauty 

Could you tell us what makes you so passionate about your work?

We're not only passionate about the work we provide but the way our clients feel when they walk out our door. Alysia has worked hard to create a beautiful aura when you walk in, you're welcomed and leave feeling beautiful in and out.

Why did you choose to become a brand partner with Tuscan Tan, and what is your first memory of professional spray tans?

I was introduced to Tuscan tan over 10 years ago at my first full time job and am still very much in love with it! I've experimented with many tans in the past but nothing compares to Tuscan tan's beautiful application, colour and air brushed feel. Our clients love it as much as we do and have followed me to the many salons I have worked for my pedantic application. 

As a spray tan professional, what is your best tanning tip?

Best tanning tip I could recommend is go natural .You can never fail with a medium depth application. Pale or dark the Tuscan tan will give you a gorgeous colour to suit you if you don't overdo it. 

What is your best pre and post care advice for a professional spray tan or self tan?

Arrive for your tan as clean as you are when you step out of the shower; Shaving, waxing, and exfoliating should be done 1-2 days prior. Aftercare, no dishes! Sit down and relax with a glass of wine. MY tanning time!

What is your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

The Wash off bronzer! When you have last minute plans to go somewhere and you have some skin showing, I absolutely love how easy and instant the wash off bronzer application is, even better that it doesn’t rub off on your clothes!

You’re extremely successful in tanning, can you tell us your best tip for successfully building a professional spray tanning clientele?

We’re lucky that all our Tuscan tan clients are repeat and have been following for many years, with that rapport and relationship we get a lot of referrals. It’s not just about spray tanning you with the perfect application, but it’s also about making the client feel comfortable

Now for a few fun facts about you!

Tell us something about you that people don’t know?

I’m a camper, grew up camping and I feel I’m at the most relaxed with no make up on, fresh air and roughing it so to speak!

Who is your favourite celeb and why?

To be honest, I don’t really have any favourites, I do love following Australian public figures like Rebecca Judd, successful while still maintaining a beautiful healthy family life, which I’d love to have one day. All about balance and Bec’s the perfect example of that.

You’re ideal holiday destination? Does it require a tan? Would you go for a spray tan or take some self tanner for tops ups?

Noosa QLD , where my fiancé and I are lucky enough to get married in July this year! I never go anywhere without a Tuscan Tan spray tan application, but I also take my own self application products to top up.

Who do you consider inspirational to you? Can you tell us why?

I meet a lot of inspirational people every day. I couldn’t possibly think of one. Geelong is a thriving town bursting with successful small businesses. I think we are all inspirational to each other.

"Thanks for the chat Alysia, keep up the great work!" - Tuscan Tan



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