Armadale Stockist - House Of Maxx

Makayla Herdman owner of boutique skin clinic House Of Maxx located in Armadale talks all things tanning, and operating one of inner Melbourne's busiest salons.

Tuscan Tan Stockist Armadale VIC - House Of Maxx  Tuscan Tan Salon Armadale VIC - House Of Maxx

Makayla tell us a little bit about your salon and what makes you so passionate about your work?

House of Maxx is dedicated to helping you achieve your healthiest and best complexion. We not only treat the external element of the skin but also heal the gut; we look into the root cause of what may be causing your skin condition.

Why did you choose to become a brand partner with Tuscan Tan?

Tuscan Tan was the very first brand I worked with when I began in the beauty industry. To this day, myself, my staff and my clients believe Tuscan Tan to be the best colour and the longest wearing tan on the market.

What is your first memory of professional spray tans and Tuscan Tan?

I distinctly remember, when I was about the age of 8, mum coming home with the most ORANGE spray tan (was when professional spray tans had just hit the market) and sitting in the shower scrubbing it off for what seemed to be days!

When I began to work with Tuscan Tan I just loved everything about their system; how precise the gun is, the colour  of the tan, and even the smell!

As a spray tan professional, what is your best tanning tip?

Shave before you exfoliate! I often see girls exfoliate and then shave; this is when they are left with streaks in their tan.

What is your best pre and post care advice for a professional spray tan or self tan?

Shave or wax the day before. Lather yourself in a moisturiser before bed and then the day of your tan, then use the Tuscan Tan exfoliate and Body Wash to ensure skin is flake free.

What is your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

The Tinted Tan Extender. Even if you don’t have your spray tan on, it adds a beautiful sheen to the skin and takes the stark white edge off (if you are as pale as I am)

You’re extremely successful in tanning. Can you tell us your best tip for successfully building a professional spray tanning clientele?

The proof is in the pudding; take time and pride in what you do, and once they experience a Tuscan Tan once, there is no going back to anything else.

Now for a few fun ones about you!

What makes you and your team special?

We hear time and time again ‘the salon is beautiful’ and ‘there is such a nice vibe in here’. We never want our clients to feel rushed or unimportant, so we allow plenty of time for each person to really enjoy their experience. Besides that, we all genuinely want to be here, love each other, and love what we do.

Who is your favorite #tangoals celeb?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley always has a beautiful subtle glow about her.

You’re ideal holiday destination? Does it require a tan? Would you go for a spray tan or take some self tanner for tops ups?

Is this even a question? BORA BORA, and "hells yes, we would need a tan".

I’d get a spray tan before I left, and take a gradual tanner to keep topping up with.

My ideal Saturday night is…

I am more of a Sunday morning fan… A day spent at the markets hunting for beautiful food to take down to the beach or park for a picnic.

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