The Beauty Company - Moonee Ponds

The Beauty Company - Moonee Ponds

Passionate about making her clients feel as beautiful as they look, The Beauty Company’s Jenna Lambert understands the transformative powers of the perfect professional spray tan.

Between dreaming of a trip to the French Riviera and bronzing up her ever-growing professional spray tan clientele, Jenna chatted to us about her tanning memories, her favourite products and her top tanning tips.

Tuscan Tan Stockist - The Beauty Company  Tuscan Tan Stockist - The Beauty Company

Why did you choose a career in beauty?

I’ve always been interested in the hair and beauty industry so thought I would give it a go and have loved it ever since!

Could you tell us a bit about your salon and what makes you so passionate about your work?

The Beauty Company is located in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne and it is in a prime position on a busy street with lots of traffic. Upon entering the salon, clients are greeted by bright and fresh decor and friendly staff. We are a results driven salon and love before and after stories and pictures! We love making clients look and feel beautiful so this is the driving force as we begin each day.

What is your first memory of professional spray tans and Tuscan Tan?

My first Tuscan Tan memory and experience was when I had my first ever spray tan for my year 9 school formal! I went to the local beauty salon and had it done and loved it and discovered that the colour was amazing and the smell wasn’t bad either!

What is your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

My favourite Tuscan Tan product is the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and it was the first Tuscan Tan product I ever used! I love that it smells amazing and feels so creamy on the skin but exfoliates at the same time! There’s nothing worse than using a scrub and feeling like you have scraped all your skin off!

As a spray tan professional, what is your best tanning tip?

My best tanning tip is preparation is key! A good tan prep ensures the best tan application, so I personally exfoliate everyday for a week leading up to my tan. I alternate each day between my Tuscan Tan Sugar Scrub and my Tuscan Tan Tan Removal Mitt. 

What is your best pre and post care advice for a professional spray tan?

Use your Tinted Tan Extender and your pH Balanced Skin Wash because they will ensure you get the longest lasting tan possible! 

What is your best tip for successfully building a professional spray tanning clientele?

Social media is the best way to advertise. Costing barely anything, it can be shared with millions of people within minutes! Post before and after shots and get your clients to share the photos. People will always share a good experience or product they have come across! 

Who do you consider inspirational to you? Can you tell us why? 

My dad has always shown the best example of hard work. Dave, my husband is always encouraging me and supporting me and telling me to dream big! My manager from the last salon I worked at always inspired me to give it my all, not let anyone push me around or stop me from achieving my intended goal.

And lastly, a few fun Q & A's....

What is your favourite food?

Being Italian, I can't be limited to just one favourite food so I will go with all food!

Who is your favourite celebrity and why? 

I actually don't have a favourite celebrity because I’m too busy tanning people to obsess over celebrities!

What is your ideal holiday destination? Does it require a tan?

The French Riviera or anywhere in Europe really! And yes, a tan is definitely necessary!! 

"Thanks for your time Jenna! " - Tuscan Tan


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