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Sharkra Medi Spa - Hobart

We recently caught up for a chat with Emma from Sharkra Medi Spa which is located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania.

Tuscan Tan Stockist - Sharkra Medi Spa Hobart Tasmania Tuscan Tan Stockist - Sharkra Medi Spa Hobart Tasmania

Hey Emma tell us a bit about your salon and what makes you so passionate about your work?

We are one big energetic, ambitious and professional family! We are the perfect balance of providing premium services and having a little giggle together. Our amazing customers and their satisfaction make us so passionate about our work!

Why did you choose to become a brand partner with Tuscan Tan?

Firstly, being an Australian company, also the professional equipment designed and implemented by Tuscan Tan means we can provide our staff & clientele with the best possible spray tan experience.

What is your first memory of professional spray tans and Tuscan Tan?

My first memory was the surprise and delight at how natural the tan looked once developed! The tan also stayed on longer than other brands I had used & it wore off evenly and subtly.

As a spray tan professional, what is your best tanning tip?

Preparation is key! If your skin is exfoliated the day before & prepped properly prior to tanning, you give yourself the best chance at a long lasting tan! This will ensure unvarying colour development, and long lasting tan that will fade gradually and evenly.

What is your best pre and post care advice for a professional spray tan or self tan?

Exfoliate and hydrate!

What is your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

The tan itself! Flawless colour, application & finish.

You’re extremely successful in tanning. Can you tell us your best tip for successfully building a professional spray tanning clientele?

Have the conversation about preparation when booking the client in. Ensure they are best prepared and get the most out of a long lasting tan. Explain the benefits of the accessory products and ensure they take them home & use them as instructed.

Now for a few fun ones about you!

What makes you and your team special?

We are a family who work hard & play hard, and genuinely want the best for each another!

Who is your favorite #tangoals celeb?

Steph Claire Smith - @stephclairesmith, Melbourne model

You’re ideal holiday destination? Does it require a tan? Would you go for a spray tan or take some self tanner for tops ups?

Private accommodation in the hills of Florence. Staying in a traditional villa hidden away in an olive grove, overlooking Il Duomo & the whole city. Laying by the pool drinking prosecco, sharing antipasto, and baking in the sun (can you tell I have actually done this? Lol) Tan is certainly required here – take some self tanner for top ups as the natural tan will give me that European glow.

My ideal Saturday night is…

At home - wine, platters, girlfriends, our own music, way too much chatter and the potential to go out if the mood is right. It would also be ideal to keep a reasonable lid on things as I love being fresh & productive on a Sunday!

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