Nourish Body & Skin - Tuscan Tan professional spray tan salon and stockist - St Kilda

Tuscan Tan professional spray tan salon and stockist Nourish Body & Skin in the heart of St Kilda has become one of Melbourne's favourite bayside beauty and skin destinations. 

We can see why! From the minute you walk in to this chic clinic located inside the Adina Hotel at the Paris end of Fitzroy St, you are greeted by stunningly decorated surroundings, a warm atmosphere, and friendly staff...

Tuscan Tan stockist St Kilda - Nourish Skin And Body  Tuscan Tan stockist St Kilda - Nourish Skin And Body

Fiona could you tell us a bit about your gorgeous salon and what makes you so passionate about your work?

Nourish has evolved over the 4 years since we started to being a total destination point for relaxation, anti-ageing treatments and all over body grooming. As our mission is to always deliver the best treatments that are on offer and we believe that is why we are one of St Kilda’s favourite beauty and skin destinations.

Why did you choose to become a brand partner with Tuscan Tan?

We decided to become a Tuscan Tan brand partner and took on the whole system because it truly is the most beautiful tan on the market. Tuscan Tan’s unique exhaust system ensures the client is not affected by overspray, the unique design in the gun ensures a perfect application every time. Being able to offer the most professional Spray Tan service with a focus on customer comfort all the way is a no brainer.

What is your first memory of professional spray tans and Tuscan Tan?

My first memory of a spray tan was back in 2006 and I was off to the Spring Racing Carnival much loved Derby Day. It was the worst tan I have ever had and will ever have. I was bright orange and was so embarrassed I couldn’t leave the house. It had scarred me for life. I was so reluctant to try another tan but was so relieved to have had my first ever Tuscan Tan Spray Tan and I was hooked and have not looked back.

As a spray tan professional, what is your best tanning tip?

Exfoliate well especially around areas like knees and elbows. It is also really important to have something loose to change into. We always advise our new tanning clients to not use any body lotions before application. 

What is your best pre and post care advice for a professional spray tan or self tan?

Tuscan Tan Sugar Scrub is a must pre tan, this will leave the skin with the perfect canvas for the most gorgeous tan. The best post care tan tip would definitely be the PH Body Wash, a must to keep the tan looking natural and not fading too quickly.

What is your favourite Tuscan Tan product and why?

My all-time favourite Tuscan Tan product is the facial serum. As I am an SPF 50+ avid user my face is always the first part to go pale so I love the natural glow this serum gives me.

You’re extremely successful in tanning. Can you tell us your best tip for successfully building a professional spray tanning clientele?

Because the complete Tuscan Tanning System is so affective and focuses on the clients comfort and of course the diligence to the perfect application, our clients are repeat & very loyal or have been referred.

What makes you and your team special?

We are a great team as we are all on the same page when it comes to client satisfaction. We truly love our clients and that speaks volume.

Now for a few fun ones about you!

Who is your favourite #tangoals celeb?

My favourite celeb at the moment would have to be Pippa Middelton, how gorgeous did she look on her wedding day. Not sure what tan she had but it sure was spectacular.

You’re ideal holiday destination? Does it require a tan? Would you go for a spray tan or take some self tanner for tops ups?

My favorite holiday destination would have to be the South of France on the coast and yes definitely would have a spray tan prior to the flight as well as the gradual self tan to use as it wore off.

My ideal Saturday night is…

My ideal Saturday night is a beautiful dinner at home with my husband and friends.

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