Tuscan Tan Professional Spray Tans, Spotted On You!

There’s no better way to counteract a dreary winter’s day than with a professional spray tan using your favourite Tuscan Tan formula.

Feeling jealous of your friends who are spending their Australian winter in the middle of a European summer? No need- these Tuscan Tanned beauties are proving that you can look like you’ve been on a holiday without leaving your suburb!

Tuscan Tan Professional Spray Tan on Taryn Wiliams  Tuscan Tan Professional Spray On Tan


Entrepeneur Taryn Williams is all about feeling empowered and confident- and there’s no better way to give yourself a shot of body confidence than with a golden Tuscan Tan. @claudiamccarthyy Model Claudia McCarthy consistently provides us with hair, beauty and outfit goals. This blonde beauty knows that nothing ties a complete look together quite like a professionally applied golden glow, and Tuscan Tan is her go to.


Another Melbourned based babe who knows no red carpet look can reach its full potential without a Tuscan Tan. We loved seeing Laura Henshaw take to the VRC Members Ball at Crown coated in a golden glow courtesy of Tuscan Tan.


Neighbours star Mavournee Hazel knows that a trip down the TV Week Logie Awards red carpet isn’t complete without a professional Tuscan Tan spray tan! A flawless tan was the perfect base for her natural, golden makeup and tousled beachy hair.


More often than not, swimwear models are required to shoot summer styles in the depths of winter, meaning they need a serious faux glow! The team at Batari Swimwear kitted their models out with professional Tuscan Tan spray tans before their new season shoot to ensure the girls were bikini ready.


If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this snap of Jordan Simek was taken in the middle of summer after a week on the beach. Thanks to a Tuscan spray tan on a cold winter’s day, we’re none the wiser!


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Adore Beauty reviews Tuscan Tan MultiBase Self Tan Foam
Adore Beauty reviews Tuscan Tan MultiBase Self Tan Foam

"This new fake tan is the best I’ve ever tried... and I’ve tried them all.

Tuscan Tan Self Tan Foam is a 5/5 on all fronts. This one is truly streak-less, and it fades pretty evenly, too. There’s also only one colour depth, and you leave it on depending on how deep you want your tan. One hour for a light tan, two hours for medium and three hours for dark. Of course, I leave it on for four. In my experience, good quality tans have come a long way in the scent department. This one has a subtle scent and isn't overpowering at all..."

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MultiBase colour technology is changing the spray tan Industry
MultiBase colour technology is changing the spray tan Industry

MultiBase colour technology is changing the professional spray tanning industry.

Complementing all skin tones, MultiBase® colour technology combines all spray tan colour bases of violet, green, red and blue in one multi tasking solution. This exclusive colour blend by works by counterbalancing all undertones of the skin to achieve true-to-you tanning like never before.

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Why you need to use this tan toner
Why you need to use this tan toner

Skin and hair are part of the same family. They should be treated equally. It's no secret that spray tans and self applied tans can lose their quality if not maintained correctly. They can change colour, fade unevenly, and appear 'cracked' and patchy. This is from low quality tans or the wrong maintenance at home.

To maintain the quality of your spray tan or self applied tan for the whole time you're wearing it, there are two main rules you need to follow; 'quality of the tanning product' and 'balanced maintenance'.

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