Platinum Pro Series Spray Tan Equipment Package

The spray tan machine within the Platinum Pro Series Spray Tan Package package operates by way of pressurisation; the most advanced form of spray on tanning. Pressurisation eliminates the liquid pot attachment on the spray gun allowing the gun to be sprayed on any angle providing greater freedom of movement and faster application times. The solution bottle loads directly into the spray machine to feed solution to the spray gun as required, so there is no need to re-fill with solution before each application. The spray gun settings are factory pre-set to deliver consistent spray output and economical solution usage at all times.

The overspray extraction screen within this package is a two-tiered free standing unit with two powerful extraction fans which eliminate overspray and prevent airborne vapour inhalation. It is by far the most powerful on the market - far stronger than any other extraction system.

Package Includes: 

- Platinum Pro Series Spray Tan Machine
- Powerful Overspray Extraction Screen
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  • Operates by way of pressurisation which removes the cup attachment from the spray gun for greater freedom of movement during application.The spray gun can be sprayed on any angle, even upside down, without leaking.
  • The 1 litre solution bottle loads directly into the spray machine to feed a continuous and controlled solution flow to the spray gun on demand.
  • Only requires reloading with spray tan solution after 20 full body spray tans.
  • Spray gun settings are factory pre-set and tamper proof to ensure consistent application and economical solution usage.
  • Delivers 20 full body spray tans per litre versus industry average of just 12-14 using standard HVLP equipment.
  • Two powerful extraction fans filter over-spray waste and remove airborne vapour to ensure a clean and healthy spray tan environment.
  • Extraction air displacement draws a total combined air volume of 5504 cubic feet per minute.
  • Made in Melbourne, the quality is second to none. We have salons with our extraction screens that have been in place for 10 or more years. They are reliable and effective.
  • The screen is supplied with one set of filters which will last approximately 60 spray tans. Additional filters can be purchased directly from the supplier.

**Shipping costs are charged on all equipment orders and will be quoted and charged after you place your order. Our team will contact you with your quote and will take payment before dispatching goods. 


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