Use an exfoliating body scrub for smooth, summer ready skin

As the Winter chill makes way for the warmth that spring brings, we’re shining a light on our exfoliating body scrub; an essential not only for fake tan preparation, but for smooth, summer ready skin.

Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub  Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Why We Love It

When prepping your skin for an in salon spray tan or self applied tan, it’s imperative that you start with a clean, smooth canvas to avoid a nasty build up of tan-over-tan or active bronzers clinging to rough, dry skin. Enter our Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub; the smoother your skin is prior to a self applied tan or professional spray tan, the more evenly the colour will apply and the longer the tan will last on the skin. Dry, dead skin cells will make your tan will wear off in unsightly patches - and you don't want that do you? Placing an emphasis on skin preparation really is the difference between a fake tan that looks natural, and one that doesn’t.

Skin exfoliation is not exclusive to tan preparation. The skin on our body, while often overlooked, is just as important as the skin on our face, so it’s important to treat it with the same amount of tender loving care. Dry skin on the body, just like on the face, looks dull and accentuates any fine lines or imperfections, so it’s important to regularly exfoliate your body with a good exfoliating body scrub regardless of whether or not you intend to apply fake tan. 

Why We Love It Even MORE

Did we mention is smells of vanilla, caramel and coconut? Our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub gives new meaning to the phrase “it smells good enough to eat.”

How To Use It

The Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is a granular scrub (the kind of scrub where you can see and feel little grains working their magic) combining natural sugars and walnut shell, making it super easy for you to remove dead and dry skin cells without a whole lot of elbow grease.
To use it, start by taking a warm shower to dampen your skin and gently open up your pores. Apply the scrub to damp skin (with the water off) and use circular motions to massage the scrub over your body, paying extra attention to your elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Turn the water back on and rinse away the residual.

Are you ready to reveal smooth, glowing skin?

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