Tuscan Tan sets the benchmark for the best fake tan

Are you looking for a new fake tan and trying to differentiate between the countless options of self tanners out there? Or are you looking for a salon professional to apply the most flawless spray on tan you've ever had?

If you are, then it will come as no surprise why Tuscan Tan keeps dominating your search results for 'what's the best fake tan' or 'where to get the best professional spray tan'? Call us biased, but we think Tuscan Tan really is the best fake tan on the market, and so do our customers - AND we’ve got the facts to back it up!

Tuscan Tan is the best self tan on the market  Tuscan Tan is the best spray on tan on the market

It's all about the colour...

What makes the Tuscan Tan professional spray tan solutions and self tan range truly unique is our exclusive Violet-Tone Complex; which completely eliminates the unsightly orange undertones commonly associated with other fake tan brands. This world-exclusive colour technology mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy and, the colour adapts to any skin type, so any depth of colour can be achieved - literally everything from a light, sun-kissed glow to the deepest bronze tan. It is the authentic colour representation that has established Tuscan Tan's reputation as the 'best fake tan on the market', and the reason it has become the bran's tag line 'It's all about the colour'.

Quality of ingredients

Arguably the most impressive thing about the Tuscan Tan professional spray tan solution and self tan range is the quality of the ingredients. Not only are the active tanning ingredients 100% natural, every product (from the salon professional solutions to the at-home self tan and skin care collection) is packed with vitamins and skin conditioning ingredients that really care for and treat your skin. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Green Tea extract nourish and hydrate the skin to not only prolong the life of your Tuscan Tan spray tan or self applied tan, but also to care for your skin in general.

The benefits keep on coming...

Innovative colour technology and quality ingredients aside, Tuscan Tan gets the basics right too. Not only are our spray tan and self tan formulas all natural which makes them incredibly safe to use, the tan whether professionally applied or self applied, dries almost instantly (saving you the time and hassle of having to wait around before dressing). Oce developed, the tan is also completely odourless (so you won’t be stuck with that telltale fake tan scent), and the colour lasts for over a week before fading. Even the fade off is gradual and even, so your spray tan or self applied tan will look like a natural sun tan even as it wears away!

Now that you've discovered the best fake tan, head on over to our online store to shop Tuscan Tan's self tan and skin care collection and experience the Tuscan Tan difference for yourself!


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