Gradual Self Tan Milk - The fair skin friendly self tan

Are you fair skinned, or is your skin just looking dehydrated and drained of colour? The end of winter is nearly here, and many of us are wearing the cold on our skin.

The good news is spring and the warmth it brings is just around the corner. But what about our pasty white skin? We are relying heavily on our Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk to give our fair skin a subtle glow this season and some serious nourishment.


Gradual Self Tan Milk  Gradual Self Tan Milk

Why We Love It

If you’re particularly fair skinned or just paler than usual, many fake tanning formulas can look too dark taking you from from 0 to 100. In the winter, it’s to be expected that we won’t be as sun kissed as we were during the summer, so a gradual self tan will give you a more natural look as you transition into spring. Gradual tanners contain less tanning actives so they will deliver a lighter coloured tan. They are designed to be applied over consecutive days to gradually build your tan and give you a slightly deeper wash of colour with each application until you achieve your desired tan intensity.

Why We LOVE It Even MORE

Our skin naturally dries out during the cooler months. The Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk can be used in place of your regular moisturiser, making it perfect for keeping your skin hydrated this season. The tanning formula is packed with skin calming botanicals that lock in moisture and keep your skin soft, and the scent of warm vanilla eradicates that tell-tale fake tan scent we’ve all encountered once or twice. We also love the versatility of this gradual self tan. Not only does it deliver a golden glow to fair skin and keep your entire body nourished and hydrated, it can also be used to maintain and prolong a professional spray tan!

How To Use It

  1. Start by preparing your skin as you would for a regular self or salon tan - ensuring your skin is free from any flaking or dry skin. We recommend the Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to get your skin to its smoothest possible state.
  2. Slip on some gloves or a tanning mitt. This gradual tanner goes on colourless, but contains active tanning ingredients that could leave colour on the palms of your hands.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk into the centre of your mitt or the palm of your glove then smooth over the skin as you would a regular tanning product or moisturiser. Use sparingly on any particularly dry spots, such as your elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.
  4. Reapply daily to intensify your colour, or once weekly to maintain your tan.

Want a beautifully hydrating gradual glow? Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk will help you ease into summer. Shop now!

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