Dark Tanning Gel with skin care benefits

From the light weight consistency of a mousse to the moisturising goodness of a cream, people want so much more from their fake tan these days! So, we've come up with a tanning 'all rounder' in the form of a silky smooth dark tanning gel.

Gels are light in texture and absorb quickly like a mousse, yet they have the ability to lock in moisture more like a cream. They are also particularly compatible with most skin conditioning ingredients, so we've taken advantage of that to create a rich dark tanning gel with targeted skin care.

Tuscan Tan Dark Tanning Gel  Tuscan Tan Dark Self Tan Gel

There isn’t much this self-tan 'all rounder'  can’t do

There’s a reason our Full Self Tan Gel is our best seller, and has been year after year. Don’t be fooled by the name ‘gel’ - it's not sticky or drying! This weightless beauty glides on with ease and absorbs quickly, yet it is intensely nourishing. The colour is decadently dark too! So if you’re looking for a  lightly textured self tan product that provides dark tanning results, this gel should be your latest beauty regime must have.

Why We Love It

We all know some fake tan products can leave the skin feeling a little on the dry side. That’s because of the active ingredient DHA - It’s notorious for drying out the skin, particularly if it's of low quality.

The entire Tuscan Tan self tan range is designed to stop that ‘dry, cracky’ look associated with fake tanning. How do we do it? Simple – two ways; our DHA is sourced from France, which is the best quality DHA you’ll find, and our formulas are enriched with skin conditioning ingredients to nourish and protect. The benefits you’ll get from using our Full Self Tan Gel are many; keep reading to learn about all of it’s goodness.

  • Love a deep dark tan? This self tanner will get you there. When we formulate to achieve super dark results, we include another tanning active called Erythrulose to work in sync with DHA to take your tan next level. One coat of this luxurious gel and you’ll transform your skin tone to medium; two coats and you’ll be looking like you just got back from Europe.
  • It’s a nourishing moisturising lotion – use it in the morning as your body moisturiser and witness your bronze deepening throughout the day. Apply it as a night body cream and let it develop while you snooze.  You’ll wake up looking like you just spent a week at the beach instead of a night in your bed.
  • This self tan gel takes a full 8 hours to reach it’s peak of colour development, but the pleasure of using it in the morning is that it’s deeply tinted so you see instant colour, meaning it’s great for last minute and you never miss a spot!
  • Great for any skin tone - That’s right, the Full Self Tan Gel will adapt to any skin tone from fair to olive. Use it on it’s own as a self-tanner or over the top of a spray tan to rejuvenate it back to its former glory!

Why We Love It Even MORE – Bonus Ingredients!

More than just a dark self-tan, we’ve added skin treating ingredients to this luxurious dark tanning gel. Yes, the DHA is excellent quality and will keep your skin from drying out , but we added more ingredients to feed your skin for a smooth glowing tone.

Combining the antioxidant benefits of Vitamins C and E, the skin nourishing properties of jojoba oil and shea butter and the regenerating effects of Vitamin A, this beautiful formula glides on smoothly and evenly, leaving you with deeply conditioned skin and a perfect glow.

How To Use It

  1. Exfoliate your skin – this will remove any old skin cells that would have shed in the coming days, making your tan last much longer.
  2. Squeeze a 10-cent piece size of the Full Self Tan Gel into your palm, then apply to your lower leg, blending as you go.
  3. Repeat Step 2, working from your lower body up to the top
  4. Wash your hands immediately after use. There is no need to use a Self Tan Application Mitt when applying the Gel as it doesn’t have the instant skin ‘staining’ feature of self tan mousse products. But if you prefer using a mitt – go for it!

Now you've found your perfect tanning partner, it's time to shop! 

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