Tame your tan with a pH Balanced skin Wash

Healthy pH levels mean a healthier tan

Did you know that the changing pH levels of your skin can adversely affect the colour of your fake tan, how long it lasts, and how evenly it fades? Many people don’t realise this, so be sure to read on if you want to find out why using a pH balanced skin wash will help you get the most from your spray tan or self applied tan this summer.

Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash  Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Body Wash

P for perfect H for horrible? No, but you may have a point...

If you get spray tans done regularly, have you ever looked at your tan the next day and thought that the colour that is normally so on point, just doesn’t seem right? It appears more golden than usual, perhaps even a little blotchy, or both! Hmmm. Then you look at it again a few days later and it’s even more golden AND it’s wearing off unevenly, and not looking like it's going to last the week it usually does.

It leaves you wondering if your beautician has done the unthinkable, and changed spray tan solution suppliers without telling you! By why would she? Tuscan Tan is the best! She knows it and so do her clients, that's what she always says. So the following week when your back at the salon getting your regular spray tan you ask "what went wrong with my tan?

"Are you using Tuscan Tan's pre and post tan products she asks?" "Um NO" - you ran out a month ago...

We’ll now take over and be the voice of your beautician and explain to you that the outcome of your tan has everything to do with the pH balance of your skin!

pH is shorthand for "potential hydrogen," and is quantified using a scale of 0 to 14, 0 being the most acidic, and 14 being the most alkaline. For spray tanning, the ideal pH level is between 5.0 and 6.0 - this is slightly acidic and perfect for fake tan development.

So what can affect the pH of our skin?

Many factors can alter the pH balance of your skin including; environmental changes, hormones, diet and everyday products used. If your skin’s pH is off balance, the colour, performance and longevity of your tan could be adversely affected.

Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash restores pH levels to normal

Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash is a fantastic two in one product formulated for use both before the tanning application to restore the pH balance of the skin to normal levels, and afterwards to cleanse and maintain pH levels. Ideal for sensitive skin types, this non-soap pH balancing skin wash utilises the gentle cleansing power of natural coconut oil to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping the tan. Added skin conditioning ingredients such as Chamomile and Glycerin will help keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Oh! did we mention our pH Balanced wash is heavenly scented with a blend of warm Vanilla, Caramel and Coconut? mmm!

How to use:

1. Apply a small amount and gently massage over the skin whilst showering.

2. Rinse. When using after a professionally applied spray on tan or self applied tan, make sure you wait until the tan has fully developed before using.

Time to take a balanced approach to tanning {right?}

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