Resilient wear dark self tanning mousse

In the warmer months people want a darker tan that will stand up to all that summer time brings; sultry weather or a quick dip in the pool. That’s why we created this resilient wear dark self tanning mousse.

Tuscan Tan Dark Tanning Mousse  Tuscan Tan Dark Tanning Mousse

Why We Love It

There’s a myriad of reasons why we love this dark self tanning mousse; it truly delivers on application, colour, longevity and fade. 

The feather-light foaming formula makes self-tanning quicker to apply than ever before, just pump a little mousse on to your self tan application mitt, and sweep over your skin for instant streak free colour, and long lasting results. The colour develops quickly too! Within the first hour you you’ll see it start to build in intensity, and in the hours following, you’ll see it transform into the most glorious rich, dark shade. If you like your tan super DARK, simply sweep on another coat of self tan mousse the next day.

This no-fuss dark tanning mousse also takes care of your skin. Enriched with the purifying extracts of green tea and aloe, this light weight foam formulation moisturises and protects the skin from harsh environmental stresses. Vitamin E delivers rich nourishment to the skin so that it feels soothed and conditioned.

Why We LOVE It Even More

When the sun is shining and the nights are warm, we want to be outdoors enjoying it rocking our bikinis and outfits complimented by honey-dipped skin. We don’t want to be concerned about doing the things we enjoy for fear of ruining our fake tan. With this in mind, we've added ingredients to our Full Self Tan Mousse to provide a degree of wear resilience and water resistancy, so that your tan will stand up to some of the things you’re really not supposed to do when wearing fake tan, like taking a dip in the pool.

Now that you’ve found your perfect tanning partner to see you through summer, why not have this dark self tanning mousse delivered straight to your door free of charge?

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