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Need an instant tan on the go? Try our Wash Off Bronzing Mousse

Free from DHA, our Wash Off Bronzing Mousse is specially designed as an instant but temporary 24 hour tan that can be rinsed off at the end of the day or after a night out for those who’d prefer a commitment-free tan.

We’ll admit that despite the ease of fake tanning with Tuscan Tan, sometimes the winter chill can take away our motivation to really stick to our tanning routines. We’ll skip applying self tan in favour of more time spent bundled up in a warm doona - then comes the weekend, last minute drinks are organised, and our skin is nowhere near as bronzed and beautiful as it needs to be.

Enter Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse. Simply apply this instant tanning mousse for a glow on the go before heading out, then wash it off when the night's over!

    Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse  Tuscan Tan Instant Tanning Mousse

    Why We Love It

    Tuscan Tan’s Wash Off Bronzing Mousse is an essential for those last minute invitations that tend to pop up when you’re feeling unprepared. Last minute and commitment free is what this instant tanning mousse is all about! It dries in seconds, so no waiting around before getting dressed, and no need to wait for for the colour to develop either - it's immediate. Simply apply with your Tuscan Tan Self Tan Application Mitt, build up the colour to your desired depth (remember the formula is tinted to you can see exactly where you’ve applied it), then away you go! The formula is transfer resistant so won't come off on your clothes, and it's resilient to, so no need to worry about the colour shifting with a bit of dancing body heat! When the night is over and you're done with your tan, simply wash it off with a quick shower and good slather of body wash - it really doesn't get much easier!

    Why We Love It Even MORE

    One of the other great reasons to have a bottle of our Instant Tanning Mousse on hand year round is that you can use it to boost the colour of an existing tan for a night out, rather than just relying on it for a last minute wash of colour. Perhaps you’ve applied self tan earlier the week, then realised your outfit for the weekend will look better with a deeper colour, but don’t want to apply another layer of developing tan because you don’t want to look too dark at the office on Monday - pop some instant tanning mousse on before you head out, and you’ll have a deep, golden tan for one night only! We also love this product because it’s packed with skin conditioning ingredients so you don’t need to moisturise before applying, cutting your get-ready time down even more.

    How To Use It

    1. Get rid of any dry and dead skin by using your Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub while you shower, then rinse and dry off.
    2. Use your Tuscan Tan Self Tanning Mitt to apply the mousse to avoid any telltale bronzed palms! Pump the mousse onto the velvet side of mitt and sweep evenly and quickly over your skin, blending as you go. Use sparingly on knees, elbows, hands and feet.
    3. Reapply if you’d like a more intense colour.
    4. Wait a minute or two before dressing, then you’re good to go!

    Don't let time become an excuse not to get your glow on!

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