How to remove fake tan - properly!

We love a spray tan as much as the next Aussie beach babe but, as upsetting as it may be, sometimes that tan needs to be scrubbed away.

Have you got another spray tanning appointment coming up and need to start with a freshly exfoliated canvas? Perhaps you’ve booked some laser hair removal and need to erase any evidence of a fake tan? Maybe your skin is a little dry and your tan is starting to look patchy? Then you need to remove your fake tan- post haste! Here are our tips on how to exfoliate properly (and what not to do!)


Tip 1. Use a Tan Removal Mitt

A tan removal mitt is designed to slough away any dead or dry skin (the skin that will have reacted to the DHA in your tanning formula) to leave you with silky smooth, clean skin ahead of your next tan application. We love our Tuscan Tan Tan Removal Mitt as it has a dual purpose- the red side instantly removes any fake tan build up, while the green side is perfect for correcting little errors while your fresh tan is developing.

Tip 2. Take your time exfoliating

Removing false tan is a process that really shouldn’t be done in one session. If you want to completely strip your skin of its colour in one go, either use our Tan Removal Mitt or you’ll find yourself viscously rubbing away at the skin with a supermarket brand mitt, turning your skin bright red and seriously irritating it. Our tip? If you know you need fresh, tan-free skin by a certain date, start to gently remove your self / spray tan a few days before to avoid damaging your precious skin.  

Tip 3. Use an Exfoliating Scrub

Using an exfoliating scrub is great for gently removing any dead skin, but it’s also great to use in conjunction with a Tan Removal Mitt to supercharge the exfoliation process. Never underestimate the importance of exfoliating prior to your next tan application. Uneven skin texture will lead to an uneven tan, while clean, exfoliated skin will serve as the perfect canvas for a tan that fades evenly (meaning you won’t be stuck furiously scrubbing off your tan next time ‘round!). Avoid salts (too drying) and oils (not ideal for new tan preparation - it will block your new tan from absorbing) in your scrub. Enter: Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

Tip 4. What NOT to do!

We’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about what people use when they need to get rid of stubborn tan build up and are desperate for immediate results. Lemon juice, vinegar and a baking soda paste are all popular options, and we understand the thinking behind them- these products are all highly acidic, so they can work as a chemical exfoliant to remove any dead skin or fake tan. The downside? If you’re using them in high quantities, you could be OVER exfoliating your skin and permanently damaging it. Over exfoliating will lead to thinner skin (and ageing!) over time, which is why we suggest taking a slower, gentler approach to spray tan and self tan removal.


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