2017 Spring Racing Carnival Style

Tuscan Tan is the perfect racing accessory no matter what you choose to wear to the 2017 Spring Racing Carnival.

A flawless, golden tan is such a confidence booster. It can make you feel more lean and toned, it will give you a head-to-toe glow and, arguably best of all, it will make any garment you’re wearing really pop. The Spring Racing Carnival is the perfect opportunity to show off a beautiful Tuscan Tan, and year after year at the Melbourne Cup Carnival the Birdcage’s finest fillies rely on Tuscan Tan to deliver their trackside glow.

Spring Racing Meghan Gale tanned by Tuscan Tan  Tuscan Tan Spring Racing Carnival

The Cup Carnival’s best dressed starlets trust Tuscan Tan with their race day skin for a number of reasons...

Tuscan Tan formulas are rich and hydrating, meaning they can last for a week without turning patchy. This is essential during the racing carnival. With four major race days taking place at Flemington in the space of a week, regular racegoers need their tan to last as taking time out to exfoliate and get a second tan isn’t an option!

A natural looking tan is a must during the racing carnival. Nothing sheds light on an orange, patchy tan quite like natural light, so a tan with no orange undertones is a must. Tuscan Tan formulas use a Violet Tone Complex to ensure there will be no orange tones, delivering racegoers and fashion favourites with a tan that stands the test of daylight.

Hemlines start to rise and shoulders are often on display during the racing carnival, so smooth, glowing skin is an essential. A deep tan will make bold colours pop, whites appear brighter and ensure blacks don’t fall flat, so a Tuscan Tan is the perfect racing accessory no matter what you choose to wear.

Check out our Instagram gallery to see just how amazing the tans of previous years race goers completed their style, and get inspired to tan up for the 2017 Spring Racing Carnival!

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